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My name is Aaron Hogland. I was born in New York City. After completing my study I worked in a sports academy and health gym as a fitness trainer.

Aaron Hogland created this blog to teach people about fitness & healthy food.

Aaron Hogland’s ¬†Earlier Life :

After completing my education I worked in a sports academy and a fitness center approximate six plus years. Now I started my own fitness center in New York city.
Entrepreneurship was something that fascinated me from my childhood and school time but due to family restriction & lack of money I give the importance to a job. But I think started a career as a fitness center is the best decision for me, I learn a lot and increase my skills set so that now I become a successful entrepreneur & Fitness instructor in New York City.

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What Clients says about Aaron Hogland?

Aaron Hogland is a talented & qualified fitness expert who started his fitness center after getting good experience as a fitness instructor.

Aaron Hogland is a guy who have good knowledge & skill set.

Aaron Hogland has tremendous dose of energy. I can recommend Aaron Hogland if you are planning to join a fitness center and get you body in a good shape without side effects.


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